How we work

A data-driven approach with a simple way of working 

Cars24 is the personal partner for car companies and leasing companies. With over 25 years of experience, we understand exactly what your end customers need. We offer high quality, young used cars with low mileage. At Cars24 we strive for a streamlined process and excellent service, from the moment of purchase to delivery and aftercare.

Step 1 - Purchasing based on Ai

Based on data, we look for popular cars, carefully selected from reliable suppliers. After this, they will be transported to our car terminal in Emmeloord.

Step 2 - Preparing cars

Upon intake, our experts check the cars thoroughly. From expertise to photos and documents, we make sure all the necessary information is available.

Step 3 - Stay tuned with Car Alerts!

Sign up for our Car Alerts mailing. We'll find the cars you're looking for. Get the latest updates about our stock and pricing, straight to your inbox. 

Step 4 - Contact with our sales team / closing the deal

Our sales experts speak your language and can tell you all about specifications, delivery and contract terms. Upon agreement, your contact person will prepare the sales order.

Step 5 - Processing

We handle the entire process. From damage repair, technical inspection to inspection and/or polishing. Everything can be arranged according to your preferences.

Step 6 - Transport

Our transport department arranges fast and efficient delivery directly to you or the (end) customer. 

Step 7 - Received car / aftersales support

We appreciate doing business with you and hope to assist you again soon! We are also here for you after the sale if you need any support. You can always count on us!

The experts of Cars24
are ready to assist you 

Our team consists of 10 dedicated professionals with extensive knowledge and experience. These experts ensure a professional and personal approach. Quality is at the heart of every transaction, and we strive to offer our customers a diverse range of products worldwide, regardless of their location.

Cars24 Hengelo
Jan Tinbergenstraat 340
7559ST Hengelo
+31 (0)527 63 66 01

Cars24 Krakau
ul. Szlak 77 lok. 222
31-153 Kraków
+48 797 681 875

Cars24 Car Terminal
Ondernemersweg 29
8304 BH Emmeloord
+31 (0) 527 63 66 00